Soil Science

Professional Geologists & Soil Scientists Providing Environmental Consulting Services


Our Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluators (AOSE) and Professional Soil Scientists are certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our services include soil feasibility studies for design and development of residential subdivisions and commercial property. We conduct soil studies for design and permitting of conventional and alternative sewage treatment systems. We have experience in site evaluations and permit procurement for wastewater treatment of commercial properties and cluster developments (mass drainfields). In situ test procedures are performed for calculation of hydraulic conductivity. We are certified to perform Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area evaluation and Opt-Out procedure including determination of soil erodibility and permeability.  Our scientists perform soil evaluations to evaluate shrink-swell potential and provide building foundation design.  Our soil scientists perform foundation inspections on new and existing structures.  We also perform drainage and erosion evaluations for proper channelization of storm water runoff and groundwater discharge.


Soil Science

• Soil feasibility studies

• Septic tank drainfield evaluations

• Conventional & alternative drainfield design

• Mass drainfields

• In situ testing for hydraulic conductivity

• Chesapeake Bay Preservation Opt-Out

• Shrink-swell soil analysis

• Foundation inspection

• Drainage and erosion evaluation